Photo's of the work       done so far

We have virtually stripped out the interior of the yacht and repaired or replaced. As
she had been sitting for many years, water ingress had rotted most of the wood inside,
which has all now been replaced.
When we first took custodianship of SUPETA, she did not look to bad, but as we
started to take things out, found more and more that needed replacement. Thanks to

a small but dedicated few we are getting close to getting SUPETA to a high standard.
Installed is also the latest electronic radio and navigational equipment.

The engine had never run on SUPETA, so needed major maintenance and inspection.
We took it out and made sure everything was working perfectly before putting it back
and firing for the first time in the boat (See video below)

Here is the engine being started for the first time. With thanks to Peter from Automarine Diesel services in Hove who kindly refurbished some parts of the engine for us.

Just like the inside of SUPETA, the deck needed a lot of work. Although glassfibre, it
had had a teak one fitted on top fastened by drilling through and bolting which caused
water to creep through. Wood needed replacement with a lot of sealing to stop the
leaks, SUPETA was made water tight. Also additional strengthening for some of the mast support stays was added.
Most of the wiring needed replacing, with one poor soul climbing up the mast to
replace navigation lights and aerials

As you can imagine the outside needed a lot of work and TLC. The young people worked really hard to bring Supeta back to an as new look, And thanks to ?????? We have a fantastic logo on both sides of Supeta. A lot of the wiring needed replacing, and one poor soul had to climb up the mast to replace some lights and Radar kit.