Supeta launched

On Thursday 23rd July 2020, and after 4 years out of the water we finally managed to Launch Supeta at the Sussex Yacht Club in Shoreham . For the past 3 years a small group of dedicated volunteers lead by Tom Smith have been spending hours at weekends and days off scrubbing, cleaning, repairing & replacing, a  project to turn Supeta into a sail training yacht for scouting.


Even though she is now in the water the project is not over, there is still plenty to do. We would like to thank Tom Smith for leading this project. We now have a Sail training yacht to be very proud of. 


Supeta heading towards the water

Finally going into the water

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Tom on Board 2
In Sling
Sling 2
Sling 3
Launch cradle
On Tow
And in
Steamimg ahead 3
Steamimg ahead 2
On Water 3
Setting off 2
Setting off
Steam ahead 2
Morred up
Moored 2
Just in water
In Lock
Habour Mouth
In water 2
In water
Just going in.
Full steam ahead
At reast
Steam ahead 2
At reast
Steam ahead 2